At the Nanomedicine and Molecular Imaging group (NanoMedMol) we like to combine nanotechnology, chemistry and biomedical engineering for the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases.

Our expertise is centred on the bioconjugation of different nanomaterials —Iron Oxide, Gold Nanoparticle, Liposomes and Solid Lipid Nanoparticles— applying organic chemistry reactions to the nanoparticles’ surface. In the diagnosis field, NanoMedMol develops imaging probes for techniques like positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fluorescence and magnetic particle imaging (MPI). In the last years the group have developed a new kind of probe based on extremely small iron oxide nanoparticles core-doped with 68Ga. This probe provides simultaneous signal in PET and MRI (positive contrast). Another aspect the group is very active is on the use of bioorthogonal chemistry for in vivo imaging, particularly using tetrazine ligation.

The other area the group is working is on the use of nanomedicine against multiresistant bacteria. We are developing new nanoparticles and functionalisation approaches to deal particularly with the virulence of these bacteria. NanoMedMol belongs to CIBER of pulmonary diseases thus our interest is focused on bacteria like P. Aeruginosa, A. Baumannii and H. Influenzae, which produce some of the most complicate lung infections.


Multifunctional nanoparticles for the early diagnosis of atherosclerosis.

New approaches for the bioconjugation of nanoparticles.

Bioorthogonal chemistry for in vivo molecular imaging with nanomaterials.

Nanoparticles as new antibiotics.

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Fernando Herranz Rabanal- Científico Titular

Ana González Paredes- Investigadora Atracción de Talento-Modalidad

María Muñoz Hernando-investigadora predoctoral (CNIC)

Eva Arroyo Urea-investigadora predoctoral FPU

Aitor Herraiz Pérez-investigador predoctoral FPI

Marta Leo Barriga-técnico de laboratorio programa Garantía Juvenil

Maricruz Fernández García-Estudiante de master (UNED)

Anahi Mantilla Quisbert- Estudiante de master (CEU,UCM,UA)

Jade Cristi Rivera Rossi

Irene Fernández-Barahona. Ingeniera biomédica, PhD

Laura Muñoz. Química

Elizabeth Claudia Champa. Química.

Lucía Sánchez. Química

Beatriz García. Bioquímica

Pablo Sarricolea. Ingeniero biomédico

Lydia Martinez Parra. Química

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