El viernes 27, Hadrián Álvarez Fernández (Grupo Nucleósidos) presentará su trabajo "Allosteric Inhibition of Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 (nSMase2) by DPTIP: From Antiflaviviral Activity to Deciphering Its Binding Site through In Silico Studies and Experimental Validation"

Coloquio @11defebreroES organizado por la Comisión de Igualdad Intercentros
@CSIC + @UAM_Madrid: "Carolyn Bertozzi: Cuando la química hace click"

🗣 Fernando Herranz (@IQM_CSIC @NanoMedMol @Nanomed_CSIC)
🗓️9 de febrero 🕧 12:30 hrs
📍 Facultad de @CienciasUAM


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Our research group works on the design and development of new drugs and pharmacological tools, aimed at the treatment and diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. We use modern methodologies of organic synthesis, as well as innovative tools and concepts specific to medical chemistry research, for their eventual application in medicine.


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