Research lines

• Virtual screening aimed at new therapeutic targets against neurodegenerative diseases.

• New drugs against COVID-19: Screening of the group's libraries on a detection platform against SARS-CoV-2 and subsequent optimization by computer-aided rational design.

• Rational design, synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and further optimization of innovative drugs for neurological diseases. We use computer-aided rational design to guide the generation of new families of multifunctional drugs capable of acting on different pharmacological targets (melatonin, serotonin, nicotine, and cannabinoid receptors, BACE-1, GSK-3beta, Nrf2, etc.)

• Creation and screening of an in-house chemical library composed of about 1,800 products with privileged structures to act in the nervous system. As a result of ongoing work on neurodegenerative disease projects, the group has created a computerized collection of compounds with privileged structures to act in the nervous system and which has already produced very positive results. After a screening campaign in oxidative stress cell models, two families of multifunctional mitochondrial neuroprotective drugs have been developed, which were first patented and then published in renowned scientific journals.

• Development of biological and pharmacological tools of special interest to our research lines, as in vitro / in silico methods to evaluate biological and drug-like properties (e.g., oral absorption and CNS penetration). Moreover, we develop fluorescent probes for labelling membrane receptors.