Concepción Pérez, PhD (Research Specialist)

e-mail address:
Office address: Medicinal Chemistry Institute-CSIC
Juan de la Cierva 3
28006 Madrid (Spain)

Phone: +34 91 258 75 78/ +34 91 562 29 00 Fax: +34 91 564 48 53

Dr. Concepción Pérez Martín is Research Specialist at Medicinal Chemistry Institute of the Spanish National Council for Research (CSIC). She obtained her doctorate in Biology from “Universidad Complutense” of Madrid (Spain) in 1995, investigating the differentiation of U937 promonocytic cells by antitumor DNA topoisomerase II inhibitors. At the present time her interest is focused on “in vitro” and “in vivo” evaluation of new drug with potential activity against neurodegenerative disorders, such as GSK-3 inhibitors, PDE 7 inhibitors, and neurogenic drugs.

Concepción Pérez