Instrumental analysis unit

The instrumental analysis unit, which is located in laboratory 07 of the Lora-Tamayo Organic Chemistry Center, provides support for the research tasks of all IQM staff.

His main focus is on qualitative and quantitative LC analysis, and on the purification and separation of organic mixtures.

For all this, the following equipment is currently available:


  • Waters Analytical LC equipped with a:
    • Chromatographic module (Alliance 2690)
    • Integrated diode detector (PDA 996)
  • Waters analytical LC-MS equipped with a:
    • Chromatographic module (Alliance 2695)
    • Integrated diode detector (PDA 2996)
    • Quadrupole mass spectrometer (Micromass ZQ)
  • Waters semi-preparative LC-MS includes:
    • Sample Manager (2767 Sample Manager)
    • Binary Pump (2545 Binary Gradient Module)
    • Auxiliary pump (515 Pump)
    • System Fluidics Organizer
    • Integrated diode detector (PDA 2998)
    • Quadrupole mass spectrometer (3100 Mass Detector)
    • The laboratory also has a spectrophotometer for recording UV-VIS spectra.
  • Multiskan Spectrum Thermo spectrophotometer with 96-well plate reader.


The IQM staff also regularly uses CENQUIOR’s Microanalysis, Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance services, which it shares with the other institutes of the Center.

If you are interested in the purification of any sample using the semi-preparative HPLC-MS equipment, you should contact one of the members of the unit.


Contact telephone numbers: 912587483 (Direct) – 912587400 Ext. 327

Scientific head of the unit: Dr. Fernando Herranz

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