An IQM-work on the cover of ACS Chemical Neuroscience

An IQM-work on the cover of ACS Chemical Neuroscience

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The work entitled “Neurogenic Potential Assessment and Pharmacological Characterization of 6-Methoxy-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-β-Carboline (Pinoline) and Melatonin – Pinoline Hybrids”, published inACS Chemical Neuroscience 2015, 6, 800-810 by the team of Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez Franco, has received the honor of being the cover of this prestigious Scientific Journal. This work demonstrated that pinoline and a melatonin – pinoline hybrid were able to stimulate proliferation and neuronal maturation in an in vitro model of neural stem cells isolated from the adult rat subventricular zone. These results pave the way to the development of new regenerative therapies for the treatment of CNS diseases related with neuronal loss (trauma, stroke, Alzheimer, Parkinson, depression,…)

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