María José Camarasa received her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Madrid Complutense University. After a two-year post-doctoral stay at the Medicinal Chemistry Department of the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham (U.K.), she returned to the Medicinal Chemistry Institute (IQM-CSIC), where since 2002 is Research Professor (Full professor).

Science Management Positions:
* Head of the Chemotherapy Department (1991-1994) of the Instituto de Química Médica (IQM-CSIC).
* Vice-Director(1991-2001) of the Instituto de Química Médica (IQM-CSIC).
* Deputy Co-coordinator of the Chemistry Comission of the CSIC (2004-1011),
* Deputy Member of the Chemistry Area of the ANEP (National Evaluation and Foresight Agency) of Spain (2005-2010).